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What are the applications of Meteorological Remote Sensing Antenna (MRSA)?

Weather radar is a radar dedicated to atmospheric detection. It is an active microwave atmospheric remote sensing device. The high-altitude wind-measuring radar used in conjunction with radiosondes is only a specialized device for positioning displacement balloons, and is generally not counted as such radars. Meteorological radar is one of the main detection tools used to alert and forecast medium- and small-scale weather systems such as typhoons and storm clouds. Conventional radar devices generally consist of directional antennas, transmitters, receivers, antenna controllers, displays and cameras, electronic computers, and image transmissions. Meteorological radar is an important means of meteorological monitoring and plays an extremely important role in sudden and catastrophic monitoring, forecasting and warning.
Meteorological radar is mainly used to detect meteorological conditions and trends. It has been widely used in weather forecasting and professional meteorological services in the fields of agriculture, hydrology, forestry, transportation, energy, ocean, aviation, aerospace, defense, construction, tourism, and medical. It is an avionics product developed by people to prevent meteorological risks and ensure flight safety. It is the principle that the obstacle is reflected back after the electromagnetic wave is radiated through the antenna. The higher the conductivity of the target, the larger the reflection surface, the stronger the echo. It can continuously provide pilots with meteorological conditions in front of and on the route in flight, as well as a map-type display of the surface features in front of the aircraft. Pilots can choose safe routes to avoid dangerous weather areas or other obstacles. Objects, identifying landmarks and judging the location of the aircraft.
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