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What are the functions of moving squares?

The square cabin is a kind of “transportable box-type workshop with certain protection capability, which can provide suitable working environment for personnel and equipment, and is convenient for carrying out independent cabins carried in various ways.” As a weapon equipment system and command communication center , technical support equipment and the loading and working rooms of various military personnel. Square cabin is widely used in command, control, reconnaissance, detection, communication, electronic countermeasures, confidentiality, cultural propaganda, power station, testing and testing, maintenance, spare parts storage and transportation, rescue, service operations, meteorology, measurement, military needs, medical and health , camping life and other fields. With the continuous expansion of the application scope of the cabin and the continuous development of technology, the importance of standardization of the military cabin requires the standardization of the opposite cabin. So what is the performance of the military cabin? Military cabins need to have a certain rigidity, strength and service life. They need to be suitable for a variety of transportation modes. They should be used as independent workshops, and provide suitable living and working environment for personnel and equipment, and should have fast loading and unloading functions.
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