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What are the special shelters classified by structure?

According to the structure, Special shelters are divided into: Specialized shelters and Special shelters; the Special shelters are divided into: Special shelters and Special shelters; Special slabs. The shelters are further divided into: Standard Specials, Specialized Shelters, Special Specials, Specialized Shelters, Specialized Shelters, Specialized Shelters, Special Specials.
Hard wall expansion and non-hard wall expansion; hard wall expansion Special shelters are divided into: single side flap expansion, double side flap expansion, single side pull extension, double side pull extension, up and down pull extension. Among them, expansion methods include: hydraulic expansion, electric expansion, manual mechanical power expansion and so on. Special special shelters are those that form stepped, rotary and combined special shelters. Special shelters means that the chassis of the car has a raised hood structure in the cabin.

The structure of the Special shelters cabin is roughly divided into two types: skeleton type special shelters and large plate type special shelters. The skeleton specials are the primary stage of the production of Special shelters. Its structural features are welded with steel or aluminum profiles into a metal frame, with outer skins, and sprayed with flame retardant polyurethane foam from the cabin to make it with the outer skin. Adhesive, because the surface is uneven during spraying, it needs to be leveled. Generally, it needs to be done by hand. The quality is not guaranteed. After finishing, it will be riveted with a layer of metal or non-metal plate, such as decorative board or aluminum-plastic board. Etc., then add a welded corner piece or a lifting eye for lifting. This special shelters is characterized by high mass, low load-to-weight ratio and poor shielding performance, so it can only be used as a general load. The special shelters of this structure were quickly eliminated.

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The main features of the special type of special shelters are the outer skin and inner skin of the whole face. The whole composite plate is made first, and then the six composite plates are assembled by the inner cladding to form a complete hexahedron.

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