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What does SLS do?

First a little explanation of the Self-Leveling-System suspension in the rear. The Self-Leveling-System (SLS) adjusts the ride height of the rear end when it is loaded to keep the rear end at the proper riding level. The springs and the SLS maintain the unloaded height. The SLS maintains height when loaded by pressurizing the system which lifts the rear. The springs, struts, and accumulators work together to dampen road bumps. The system is made up of several parts; here are the main components and what they do.
1. Pump - supplies pressure to lift the rear.
2. Fluid Reservoir - for maintaining fluid level.
3. Leveling Valve - the brains of the operation, it tells the system whether to lift or lower the rear end.
4. Accumulators (pressure reservoir) - Helps dampen the changes in pressure due to bumps on the road.
5. Struts - Works much like a normal shock for dampening bumps but is able to be adjusted by pressure from the system to change the ride height.
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