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What is the daily maintenance of the hydraulic lift?

Hydraulic lifts and lifting platforms are common equipment in industrial production and can be used for cargo handling up and down, facilitating and significantly reducing manpower input. In general, hydraulic lifts carry a lot of work, and failure to do routine maintenance can result in equipment not working properly. So what do you need to do for the daily maintenance of hydraulic lifts?
First, replace the wire rope
The same component of the hydraulic lift is a steel wire rope, in which the steel wire rope plays a balancing role, and moves with the lifting of the platform, so there will be some wear and tear. Here, Xinlu Machinery recommends that the majority of users, the wire rope should be replaced at intervals. Once and apply grease, the life of the wire rope is longer.
Second, replace the hydraulic oil
Hydraulic lifts are hydraulic equipment, so hydraulic oil is required to drive the platform up and down. If the hydraulic oil is released for a long time, it will cause liquefaction, which may cause the lift to rise. Therefore, after installing the equipment, the manufacturer will inform the customer when to replace the hydraulic oil, and the customer must follow the manufacturer's instructions to prevent the hydraulic system from being damaged. As a result, the lift cannot be used.
Third, the lubricant
The details of lubricating oil may be ignored by many customers. Xiaobian has also visited many customers on the spot and found that some customers have not used lubricating oil for several years. Some customers will say that I can still use it. Why is it so troublesome? So Xiaobian tells everyone what is the benefit of lubricating oil? We use lubricating oil in some places of equipment, rails, chains and wire ropes. Because these places are more worn, lubricating oil can better reduce the degree of wear, so that the hydraulic lifts have fewer problems.
What is the daily maintenance of the hydraulic lift? In addition to the above three points, we must also pay attention to the regular commissioning and inspection of the equipment to ensure the normal use within a certain period of time, as far as possible to ensure that the equipment works normally for a period of time, no accidents.
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