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What is the main role of Spiral Elevator?

Spiral Elevator Product Profile
Spiral vibrating elevators allows very soft elevation or dissention of product. Instead of bucket elevators, these systems allow the product to move gently without getting damaged.
Main advantages of Tarnos spiral vibrating elevators are:
Elevation or dissention of product up to 6 mts height in hardly 1 mt2 area.
Smooth dosing of material which avoids breaking of product.
Possibility of performing other purposes at the time of the product conveying as drying, cooling, etc.
Depending on the drive installed in the machine, the vibrating elevators can be electromagnetic or electromechanical.
Spiral elevators are the go-to solution to provide a continuous throughput of product, boxes, totes and cartons. A space saving solution across production areas, warehouses and distribution centres used both as a method of vertical transportation but also as an accumulation or cooling facility.
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