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portable military shelters for sale

The utility model relates to a portable military shelters multifunctional conference platform, which comprises a No. 1 Platen, a No. 2 Platen,an equipment mounting bracket and a metal frame, wherein the equipment mounting bracket is connected with the metal frame; the equipment mounting bracket is provided with a notebook, a multifunctional insertion box, a car pass and a keyboard;
portable military shelters can be used in a more severe corrosive environment, can protect the substrate, from all kinds of corrosion, in order to obtain a relatively long-term use of the coating is called heavy-duty coatings. In other words, heavy anti-corrosion coating refers to the harsh environment of the protective coating, and it can achieve a relatively long-term protection purposes. Chemical atmosphere and marine environment, heavy-duty coatings generally can be used for more than 10 or 15 years, at a certain temperature of acid, alkali, salt and solvent medium corrosion conditions, generally can be used for more than 5 years.
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