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portable military shelters for sale

portable military shelters originated in the early application of the US military, are equipped with a car, with high mobility, according to different needs, in its internal structure design, installation of related equipment, with specific functions. Widely used in the US military mobile command system, communications, medical, logistics, etc., is one of the important equipment of the US military mobile unit.

The last century, 50, 60, the unprecedented development of RV, during the introduction of the related process and structure of portable military shelters manufacturing, improve the reliability and applicability of RV, now we have seen most of the various types of RV van, the envelope of the selection and structure are similar to the portable military shelters.

Company's portable military shelters using carbon fiber composite materials integrated molding, compared with traditional materials, with lightweight, high strength, acid, fatigue resistance, shock absorption, long life, and other multiple superior performances, weight than traditional portable military shelters can reduce 50% ~ 70%, and structural stability impact resistance, safety and Environmental Protection no smell, photoelectric magnetic seal is good.

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You can design products according to customer requirements, develop different specifications of portable military shelters series products to meet your different requirements for the product. The series portable military shelters has been widely used in the military communications equipment products, to solve the command vehicle, communication vehicle overweight off-road performance is poor and the problem of short life in coastal areas.

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