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the role of portable military shelters-stainless steel side cabin hinges

Understand the Friends of the portable military shelters are not aware that the stainless steel hinge is one of the important parts of the portable military shelters, so what is the stainless square cabin hinge?What does it do?The following portable military shelters xiaobian to introduce.

The first small portable military shelters first introduced what is stainless steel hinge:

portable military shelters stainless steel hinge is the main component of the cabinet and door panels, in the usual cabinet, portable military shelters door panels in use, the most tested is the hinge. Common cabinet opening angle is 90 degrees, after opening at right angles. Hardware must be able to adapt to the kitchen humid, smoke and many other factors, it is good or bad for the normal use and life of the Cabinet is essential. The most to be tested is the hinge, it is not only to the cabinet and portable military shelters door panel precisely linked together, but also to bear the weight of the door panel alone.
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what are the aspects of the performance of the portable military shelters hinge?Respectively, in the following 4 functions.

First: buffer function, hydraulic buffer hinge maximum functional buffer function, if the buffer effect is lost, then the hydraulic damping hinge function has been lost.
Second: anti-corrosion ability, any hardware accessories have the ability to prevent rust, or in a very short period of time beyond recognition.Hinge is the same, so the anti-corrosion ability is also an important indicator of the quality of the hinge can be judged.
Third: the connection function, the initial function of the damping hinge is the connection function, the connection door and Cabinet.So the hinge to have a certain load-bearing capacity, load-bearing capacity is good or bad, we must look at the damping hinge material is good or bad.When buying hinge hinge bearing function can not be ignored!

Fourth: life, the life of the buffer hinge, can also be tested to know, the length of life is a very comprehensive factors, including materials, the use of the environment, the hinge structure and so can affect the life of the hinge.So be careful.
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