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Radar Antenna

A new generation of S-band Doppler weather radar antenna and S-band 8.5m diameter Doppler weather radar antenna were produced more than 100 sets totally, and C-band 8.5m diameter dual-polarization weather radar antenna is also available.

Weather radar antenna

Performance index of antenna servo system in S band with single polarization.

Series No. Item Performance requirements
1 Aperture 8.5m
2 Working frequency 2.70GHz~3.00GHz
3 Beam width ≤0.99°
4 Gain ≥44.5dB
5 Polarization mode
  • Horizontal line polarization
6 First sidelobe level ≤-29dB;wide angle sidelobe:±2°~10°:located below -29dB~-38dB connection line;±10~90°:≤-42dB
7 Voltage to standing wave radio ≤1.45
8 Rotation range 360° continuous rotation; pitch -1° to +90° continuous rotation.
9 Rotation speed Azimuth 0°~36°/s; pitch 0°~36°/s.
10 Speed accuracy Azimuth, pitch ≤±5%
11 Angle acceleration/deceleration speed Position, pitch: 15°/S2~19°/S2
12 Position error Azimuth and pitch ≤±0.1o

Airborne X band radar antenna

Performance index.

Series No Item Indicator capacity
1 Working frequency X band
2 Beam forming range Pitch 45° cosecant squared
3 Polarization vertical
4 Gain ≥ 23dB
5 Sidelobe level ≤ -20dB
6 Antenna weight ≤ 10Kg
7 Antenna volume ≤400mm×600mm×60mm
8 Working temperature -55℃~75℃

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