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Vibration Damper

My company has developed a series of special rubber with West wood technology. By adding graphene into the normal rubber products, its properties can be changed, its service life and working environment adaptability can be greatly improved, and its application market is wide. Including hydraulic drill alloy diaphragm, hydraulic accumulator alloy diaphragm, seamless integrated alloy capsule, oil and gas special seal, mechanical shock absorber and other new rubber. It can completely replace imported products of the same kind, but the price is less than half of imported products rate. It is Widely used in automobile manufacturing, mining machinery, wind power generation, oil and gas exploitation, national defense technology and other fields of core components.

Vibration damper
NO Specification Dimensions
1 LHVO7B 120*120*w80*L150*φ17
2 MAKER:ICE 265*130*100
3 8X 293*243*71T*φ20
4 10XB 293*243*71T*φ20
5 12X 329*295*79T*φ23
6 16X 329*295*79T*φ24
7 2000VH 140*140*W100*AL170*φ17
8 COMPACTOR 135*135*W94*L164*φ15
9 4M100 VIBRO HAMMERS 300*220*w170*φ17
10 VIBRATOR ROLLER 300*100*80
11 VIBRATOR ROLLER 126*126*w65*L154*φ11
12 TUNKERS BAR 53*30T*φ20
13 TUNKERS VIBRO φ435*φ550*475H*φ100
15 VIBRATORY 152x385xW100
16 ROUND TYPE φ30*20*M6*17
17 ROUND TYPE φ38*27*M8*15
18 ROUND TYPE φ65*35*M10*20
19 ROUND TYPE φ65*50*M10*20
20 BOMAG φ77*34H
21 T.RUBBER FOR SPACER φ40*φ40*31T
22 SPACER 10X LARGE SIZE 320*217*20
23 SPACER 10X SMALLL SIZE 217*116*20
24 φ100damper 20G/SB120 φ100*31*M16*25
25 φ100damper 20G/SB120 φ100*11*M12*15
26 5"(Pcs=1Set) φ130*φ172*28t(21T)
27 5"(Pcs=1Set) φ137*φ172*28t(17T)
28 φ60damper φ60*17*M12*17
29 φ77*34H
30 145*145*W100*L180*φ15


Various damper,vibration,pipe joint bellow,tamping rammer bellow,and foot plate.

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